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M12 back


New Member
I solved that problem i posted about before because I didn't realize how to reset it to 1. but i put a couple rolsl through it and yesterday after finishing a roll, the knob was getting tight (the winding knob on the back, not the body) and I took the roll out just fine. but now when I turn the knob counter clockwise to reset it to 1 it doesn't work and i can turn it counterclockwise endlessly, it doesn't stop like it hsould, does this need ot be repaired, can i repair it myself? what should I do?

Read the following article on Usefilm on how to load a A12 film magazine.

After you load the film and line up the start arrow, put the insert and slide into the magazine shell, then winding the knob clockwise approx 10 turns takes up the leader onto the spool and the "1" should appear in the window.

Turning the knob counter-clockwise disengages the gears, so that you can fold the key (wind knob) without winding film.