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Looking for Winder F battery compartment


New Member
Hi all,

Does anyone have a broken winder F or simply an unused battery compartment lying around? I am in need of a replacement.

I just found a complete early winder for 160USD.
Much too expensive for just a battery compartment, I know.

Maybe try one of the larger dealers for a non functioning winder.
Most winders seem to last without problems.

I take it these aren't available from Hasselblad? The winder has been discontinued for some years now............
Hi Terry,

It would not surprise me if Hasselblad asks more for a battery compartment than a couple of nice used winders will cost.

New parts are no longer an option for older used gear because of the cost.
I was asked to pay just under 200USD for a battery compartment of a 553ELX.
320 USD bought me a vitually unused 553ELX less WLF and screen.
Still looking for a battery compartment to make the other 553ELX complete.

Parts for older gear will be a problem in the future.

Carl Zeiss does not supply parts for friendly prices either:
Three filters, size 26 mm for a 30 mm lens will set you back 700USD.

This means any part of the system risks to be broken for parts as soon as
the price for parts to repair the item hit the roof.

Fine, that's mean that broken parts may sell better than used one.

That's better than to fight for waranty for new products !

It's not the first time I see that in other field.
BTW who sell winder for 160$ ?
I do not understand what is the limitation to use 2000's winder on 202 FA
I am not sure there is a limitation to use the old winder on the 200 series.

I know you can lose 1 exposure using the new winder on 2000 series cameras.

The old winder has two extra contacts that can be disconnected if necessary.

Check out KEH for low price winders.
The only limitation (as Hasselblad calls it) with a 2000 winder on a 200 series body is that the shutter doesn't retract when you remove the back on a 200 series camera as it does on most of the 2000 cameras.

I have been hard trying to find out how this winder thing does affect the shutter
and I do not seem to be able to find an explanation.
The early wimder has two contacts that prevent the 2000 camera from transporting
as soon as the winder is connected to the body.

With later 200 series cameras this is no longer necessary.
Later winders do not have the contacts anymore.
These later winders seems to cost one exposure as they will move the film
as soon as they are connected to the 2000 body.

Once connected and not triggered the winder does not do anything or?
What is happening?


The winder is not meant to be used as a grip or to be loaded mechanically
in any other way as the construction is not suitable for that.
Connecting a flash to the winder does not seem a good idea.