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Looking for recommendations to photograph a beach wedding at sunset


New Member
Hello all - I have been asked by friends to photograph their wedding (on the beach in Hawaii at sunset, so you know the setting). I warned them that I am an amateur and have no idea of what I am doing, but they want me to do it anyway.
Of course, this means that I am in panic mode trying to find out everything I can before the disaster occurs. My plan is to use my hasselblad while my wife uses a digital (automatic) camera to take the same pictures (that way there is a chance that they will have some pictures that come out, even if I screw up).
Any suggestions/recommendations on what to do are welcome. My major concerns are:
1) what film would you recommend?
2) when photographing a wedding on the beach with the sunset as a background, what do you recommend (fill flash, f-stop adjustments , etc)?
3) Lens/filter recommendations?

I have a 500EL/M with a 500C as backup. Both tested and working well.

Thanks in advance - Ted Rose
> Do you have the option of going down to the beach (preferable a > few weeks) beforehand to do a "dry run" for checking out filters, > etc at the same relative time-of-day? Practice makes perfect as > they say...
> Hello Ted,

A few weeks ago I Have had the same problem. My niece asked me to make the pictures of there wedding. I love to make pictures but I'm not experienced in wedding. I looked in some books/magazines to find some ideas. But on the other end you have to do it yourself. Be yourself, do what you can and don't try to copy the pro's. Take your time try some poses that you and they like. Shot at least 4 or 5 rolls. At the end you will see that there are lots of pictures which the like and that is the important thing. Try to make pictures that they like - it is there day and there remembrance. Use your flash when you think you need it, try the same pose whit and without it, do not overexpose. You need your flash when the sun is behind the couple in backlight. When you have met the light put your flash & stop less. I don't know that your 500EL/m have the TTL-flash, if it has use it putting the iso-value one stop less. I have used the Kodak-Portra 160vc and the result was gorgeous. I took my pictures with the 80mm (don't have the 120) and didn't need the 150 : no filters, the effect of sunset would be gone.

At the end they decide which pictures are the best and it will not always be the best technical pictures. Do not panic, you have the best camera and you have experience, it will work but.... don't do it for money see that you get your money for the films and developing or do it for there weddingpresent. Getting paid for shooting there wedding as a friend.....

And make also pictures with the digital, lots of them, put them on a CD and give it to them, they will love it. It cost nothing and you don't have to shoot the normal poses, make some pictures from the settings, laughings, drinks etc.

good luck, Marc