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Looking for a picture of the Benneton camera


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I am looking for an online copy of a picture of the V-series
"Benneton" camera. I mean the camera that had both yellow, blue and
red leatherette fittings.

thanks in advance,
Wilko, Marc Williams has a superb "fly" yellow 500 camera. He posted a photo of it on a thread once. If you send him a orivate message I'm sure he'll email you a copy of it. It looks wonderful.

I call it fly yellow because it is the same yellow Porsche used to paint some 933 model 911 (last before the 996 watercolled version of the 911) and Porsche named it fly yellow!
My sidekick "Sunny'.

I'm sure the multicolored one Benneton version was just a mix-match using a modular parts from all the different colored special editions Hasselblad made. I don't recall exactly, but wasn't there a green one also?


There were 501CM bodies in yellow , red , blue and green , but also 501CM sets in the same colors .The same applies for the 503CW body and also A12 and A24 magazines.

They still appear in the V-SYSTEM catalogue (don't know from which year) , the catalogue with that foot and toe image as title image . All in B/W.
Green, blue, red and yellow.
And of each of these colours, not the nicest shades.
Yellow is best, to it is a bit too 'primary' for my taste.

I must have a picture of a multi-colour Hasselblad somewhere, but can't find it in a hurry.
Maybe later.
So Green was available ... that negates the Mondrian quip ... he hated green and never used it.

The Yellow one is the best to me also. It's so "Miami". In person it isn't quite as "loud" as my photo of it against black velvet ... which is a light v&ire.

I almost went for a A24 back for it recently.
Just nitpicking: it's Mondriaan. Two A's.
Just like it should have read "though it is a bit too [...]", not "to it is a bit too [...]". Sorry!

I still can't find the picture.
Maybe someone else?
Is this what you are looking for?
My original file is more than 1M - I can send you if interested
Either spelling is correct ... One or two A's ... although the one A version is the most common because HE changed it from the Dutch spelling to a more "international" version using one A as his fame grew.

For once we are both right Q.G. : -)
I remember when they were in the stores for sale. At first they vwere a bit of a shock. BUT, I love that yellow one - thanks for posting that pic again Marc - it is such a treat!

Now I wonder if any appear for sale and if they sell at a premium? Hang onto that one Marc!

Any idea why Mondriaan, uhm Pete Mondrian, wanted to create the impression he was from Armenia?


You can use the color picker and paint bucket in PS, and create your own United Colours Hasselblad picture perhaps?
An other side kick .


This time in blue .
But this has got nothing to do with Bavarian Beer .

Wow, that is an eye catcher indeed! If I owned it I would definitely tip a few good Beers!


Oh.... and Jurgen, it is marvellous - I am assuming the gold is gold plating - does it resist rubbing away i.e. how would it fare in regular use?

Yes it is gold plated , but I do not know how it fares in regular use , because I have only used it once and I only touch that camera with cotton gloves , when firing all shutter speeds 4 times a year .
I am waiting for a gold plated CFV BACK with the same blue finish .

There are more gold plated commemorative cameras .They are described in RICK NORDINS COMPENDIUM , starting at page 116 and on the color pages .
The red 503CW is sold between 3500.-€ and 4500.-€ here , when you get one .
I decided to buy a chrome one and got the camera as a special offer , brand new for 1250.-€
That was 2 years ago . The funny smell has gone away in the meantime . (I posted this problem in an earlier thread) .
Thanks Jurgen. Yes I recall your post about the funny smell. Wow those prices were substantial. I'm sure the red chrome body would look a treat. I must get Nordin's book out again!