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Locked film holder


New Member

I've just received my 500C/M with A12

The problem is that the film holder is stuck inside and I cannot take it out. I followed the procedure in the manual but it doesn't work though.

If someone can help me before I make some "adventures" with the magazine.

Hi Ali,

Do you have the A12 seperated from the body? Dark slide can be moved in & out? Does the D-shaped locking ring allow itself to be moved/rotated? No obvious dents etc in the A12 I hope?

Hi Wilko,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I can separate the A12 from the body and I have the dark slide I can take it in and out and the locking ring yes can be rotated but I cannot pull it out

Also, the shot number exceeded the 12th frame (if this can help)


I had this problem once with a filmback that came with a lot of used Hasselblad gear.

Good chance your back has a similar problem.
If you have another back to check how the insert looks like it will be easier to understand what I will try to explain.

Take the insert out of the good back and look at the plate that presses the film to the guides.
At the side opposite the locking knob you see a metal rim that locks the film when you place the insert into the housing.
With your blocked filmback this rim is probably damaged and prevents the insert coming out.
Remove the darkslide and try to use a thin object like feeler gauges to press the rim down to clear the insert.
You may use force as the rim is already damaged and needs to be replaced anyway.I hope this helps.
Do not forget to write to the forum that you solved the problem.

Thanks paul

What I understood from your reply is that this problem due to some damage parts inside the Mag.

I don't think that I will try to force it to be opened I would rather contact the seller and discuss this issue with him because I bought the kit as "working fine" and it seems the opposite.

I would like to thank you all for your time and help.

Hello Ali,

I think that is a sensible decision.
I was under the impression that it was all up to you to solve the problem.
If you need a good repair man I may be able to recommend one depending on where you are of course.
You can send me a pm through the forum.

Hi All,

Just got my 500c three days back. The winder is stuck and would not move any further. Now i can't load the lens nor the film back.

Please help...