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I just developed a film from a magazine I hadent used before, and there is massive light-leakage from one side of the negatives. It seems to be consistent throughout the film (it is still rinsing). What the hell is happening? The magazine is used, is this a common problem?
I think you need new seals (a.k.a. light traps) in your magazine. They get compressed by the dark slide, and need replacing regularly.

By the way, i almost expected to read a post about a Zeiss lens leaking light... ;-)
Hi Jon,

I recently bought a back on ebay and the light seals needed replacing.

It seems that you don't need to check (your processed film is telling you), but take a look at the film back with the insert and slide removed. Hold it up to the light with the open side of the film back facing you so that you can see the small slit that the slide fits into. You will probably be able to see some light coming through the slit. (If you hold the straight edge of the slide against the edge of the back so that the light is not shining in your eye, it will be more pronounced). I had the light seals replaced by my local friendly Hasselblad repair man who did it while I watched. He told me that the newer seals are far tougher than the originals. However, he said that care must be taken when inserting the slide as it can damage the fabric of the seal if put in hastily especially if it is at a strange angle. To prevent damage to the new seals check the condition of the slide too. Mine was bent at one corner and this was causing damage. (My repair man also said that sometimes the slides can become sharp like knives after being used for a long time) I replaced the slide with a genuine Hasselblad slide which was remarkably cheap - less than the price I have seen on ebay. I have learned that it is always a good idea to check prices in shops before bidding on ebay.

Replacing the seals is not too difficult a job. I reckon anyone could do it themselves - with a little advice from experienced people on this forum. :) I have only seen it done once, but have not attempted it myself so could not readily explain how to do it.

Best wishes