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Light leaks older backs seals


New Member
Hello I have been using a couple of older style backs and recently have been experienceing some light leaks toward the edges of my frames. I hope this is not the camera, I have been told that it could be a series of seals on the camera back that need replacing. Or is there any way to test besides using differnt backs. If so how do I get that fixed, can I send the products back to hasselblad. Thanks to all
are they brand new or used? hassleblad will fix them either way, it just depends on who will pay for it. test the back by loading it with film and advancing the film through it very slowly while it is off the camera and the darkslide is in it. Do this outside in the sun. Develop the film and if the the film has streaks, well, there is a leak in the back because it was closed up the the whole time and SHOULDN'T have had any light get into it.

there are light seal replacement kits on ebay...

Good to see "new blood" reviving many old questions. ;-)

There is another less film consuming way to do the very same test.
There is no need at all to advance the film very slowly, or even fast. Just load the back, put it in strong light for a while, make sure it gets light from all sides (turn it and let it be for some more time), and then put it on a camera, shoot the frame with the lens cap still on, advance the frame and use the rest of the film to take pictures.

If there's a leak, it will show up.
And if it's a minor one, it will only show on the test frame, and the rest of the film will be perfectly good, pictures and all.

Oh, and there are indeed light seal replacement kits on eBay. But they usually cost more there than they do when ordered from Hasselblad, while not guaranteed to be the right ones.