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Light Leak


Hi All!
My 500C has an old type 12 shot back.
If I leave it on a tripod for a while, I get a light streak accross the negative.
The streak does not show on the border of the negative.
The light seal has been changed, and the result is the same.
If I use the same back on my 500EL, the same result is visible.
It looks to me as if the light is coming in from the side opposite the dark slide (see attached file), but I can't see any signs of damage.
Also if the light seal were to blame, then I would have expected to see the streak right accross the neg, including the border, or is that stupid?
Has anybody got any ideas?
Regards to all, Gérard
Gerard, This is typical. It is the light seal. Exchange it (buy the spare part from Hasselblad, not even more overpriced from some auction house). When you take off the camera facing plate of the magazine you will see that on the older backs the screws have different length. Do not mix them.

Hi Ulrik,
Many thanks for your swift reply!
In fact I had recently changed the seal because this fault had appeared, and it remains exactly the same.
Agreed that the seal I used is not the genuine Hasselblad item, so it is probably worthwhile trying with the genuine article, unless anyone has another suggestion?
What about utilizing a dedicated and authorized Hasselblad service using genuine Hasselblad manuals, measuring and other tools, spareparts, etc. Do you repair your teeth also by your self. (Boring answer, sorry!)

Kerkko K.
Gerard, sometimes it is possible to see the light leak when you hold the magazine without dark slide against a bright light source. When you install the light trap it makes sense to hold the trap in its position with the dark slide when mounting the magazine plate so that it remains in its position unharmed.

I would suggest replacing the light trap with a genuine Hasselblad light trap. The part number is 13067. You can order this part directly from Hasselblad USA in New Jersey. Their telephone number is (973) 227-7320. Ask for Nichole at extension 238. You may as well replace the light trap shield at the same time. This is the part that holds the light trap in place, and the part number is 13508.
Dear all,
Many thanks for more replies,

Kerkko, quite.

Ulrik, I'll chuck the film that's in there at the moment and try as you suggest, thanks.

David, Always helpfull, thanks for that, the numbers will be useful, unfortunately I'm in France, so I tend to use the UK Hassy services, but they are quick and friendly.

Hello, I am from France too, and I have a Hasselblad lens that needs fixing... I understand that you found a serious and knowledgeable way to do it fast in England? What are the coordinates? How easy is it to send a lens ans get it back to and from England? What is your experience in that type of problem?

Thanks for giving me more than a hint!

Hi Xavier!
If you'd like to contact me offline, I can give you all the contacts that I've found in France and in the UK, 0682887117.