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Letbs combine the XPan and Xpan II threads


New Member
Do we need separate threads for the XPan and the XPan II? The differences between the two cameras are not really that great. As a user of an original XPan, I am equally interested in reading comments from users of the XPan II (and I would hope vice versa too).
I hope to hear some of xpan user.
I used the old one Xpan, and now I have the second version.
Yes, they are both with the same fonctions. BUT what is nice, now, is the correction of some engineering problemsss, like the problem that we had with the old one, it was very easy and not ACCEPTABLE that if you had one ASA setting, during your adventure reportage, very often you had one other asa, and I don't have to speak about the result. Not all films are to be used with the DX setting.
It is not a camera to use with a tri-pod (often it is good to use with), but to use with your hand: nothing have to change during your job.
I'm an X-Pan user and i would like to scan my negatives. I have the possibility to purchase a Nikon Coolscan 9000ED. Is it then possible to scan x-pan negatives? Wich mask do i have to use for this purpose?
Thanks a lot for the kind answer.
Best greetings from Switzerland.

> You will need the Nikon film strip holder. FH-869GR Holder with glass. > Pretty expensive at $350 US. It a very well designed holder and a must > with the xpan.
Hi Nick, I own an Epson 4870 scanner. It is a flat bed scanner, and scan film up to 4x5. It can scan 35mm film around 6 in long. So it should be able to scan the Xpan film format. Base on what I read, it is pretty close to a good dedicated film scanner, and a lot more flexible. And I paid less than $300 US dollars.

I have the Nikon 8000ED Scanner and had to purchase the FH869 GR Holder with glass. It comes with several masks, one of which is for the Xpan format. Other masks can be used for other film types like the 6x6 and 6 x 4.5 medium format of Hasselblad. Since the film is flattened by the glass, Newton rings are minimized.
> "I use a Minolta Multi II film scanner with a 6 to 6 cm glass mask. I have cut out a xpan-appropriate mask made of plastic. It costs nothing and works quite well. Frieder"