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Lens upgrades


Active Member
Last upgrade from my stock of Zeiss barrels is a 120 CB lens.
Amongst a number of other nice goodies I found this new lens barrel for a 120CB lens.
This rare lens was only sold in limited quantities in the USA.
Unlike other CB models there was hardly any difference with CF lenses as far as the optics are concerned.
The front lens holds a different part number all else is the same.
So the old well used CF lens with aperture problem I found was used as a donor to make the CB barrel complete.
With two rubber grip bands that cover the helicoid section and the plug in the bay. that fills the contact opening for databus the CB is ready to go.
In fact it is a 120 CFi with a brand new body.
So now you are out of surplus barrels? What is the world going to do now? Please use your knack to find more! We may need them!