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Lens squeech lubrication


Hi, after a short trip to the seaside.. my 80mm lens started having this squeech noise when i turn the shutter ring.. the lens was made around 1989 and is a CF type if am correct..

So I was wondering if there is some kind of maintenance I can do like put some lubricant or something.. also if there is a kindda book or manual that covers how to do some maintenace or service to the 500c/m or V series and lenses.. I would like to work on my camera to put it to the best..

Squeech? Sounds like sand in places where it shouldn't be. For lenses that means it should not be anywhere ;-)

Please do yourself a favor and don't start an experiment with lubricant or somesuch. Chances are *very* high you will cause lots of expensive damage. A competent repair person can help you much better, and without undesirable side effects.

I don't know if this is your particular problem or not, but it is not uncommon for the shutter in the lens to "chirp" when the shutter speed ring is turned to (or near) 1/15 second. This indicates that the governor, which controls the shutter speeds, needs to be cleaned and lubricated.
well yes i notice the sound comes close to that speed in particular..

so lets say i don't lubricate/clean it, will that be a big problem in the near future? any bad experiences?

thanks a lot for the reply
As I wrote earlier, the fact that the "chirp" happens at or near the 1/15 second indicates that the governor, which controls the shutter speeds, needs to be cleaned and lubricated. It would be safe to assume that the other lubricants in the shutter have dried up, also.

While you could continue to use the lens for a long time in this condition, I wouldn't recommend it, as it would cause excessive wear on a number of the parts in the shutter, especially the governor that controls the shutter speeds. This mechanism contains many small gears on shafts that connect to the two flat plates. There are small holes in the flat plates for the shafts on the gears. With continued use, the holes can wear out of round. Eventually, the governor will need to be replaced, and this is an expensive part.

Your best bet would be to have the lens cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.
cool! thanks again!

I see you are based in USA, will you recommend some-one or a shop in the uk, particularly London?

all best