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Lens for fullbody fasion shots 120 or 150


New Member
Hi there, fellow Hasselblad users!
I’m trying to move into the field of street fashion photography, that is getting interesting people out of the street and into my studio: neutral background (2,75 meters wide), 2 strobes, the like. I’m thinking of "almost-full-body-photos", cropped at the knees, something like that. The problem is that I don't have that much room left to step back, maybe 3 to 5 meters. Does anybody know which lens would better suit my needs, the 120 or 150? Since I don’t have any, I would much appreciate any comments on them. I’m working with a 500 C/M. Thanks-a-lot!

At those distances, i think either lens will do what you want.

At 3m (lens to film) the 120 mm will have a field of view of approximately 1.30 m square; the 150 mm of approx. 1 m square.
And at 5 m the field of view is approx. 2.2 m (120 mm) and 1.7 m (150 mm).
Thatfs as precise an info as it can get. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the link, but I have tried this before and found this visual interpretation too approximate (not numerical) and the distance by my comparison too large. But thank you nevertheless.

Interesting focal length, 65 mm. This is not what I have expected, but you certainly have some sort of "hidden knowledge", judging by your brief answer? Do you suggest I should get as close to the subject as possiblewith a wide angle lens? That would end up with a completely photographic style, wouldnft it?
Zeiss Website

At that site after you highlight (underline) and click you should see e.g. blue lettered lens call out 110 F2 highlight the blue and click for more information. Then you will be able to look at the lens specifications and even download the description, MTF specs. etc. If at first you do not succeed, try it again.