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Lens choice cfi ororlder


New Member
hello- i have cfi 80 and 150 lens. i want to get a wide angle lens-50mm. would be my financial choice. i am disabled from a work accident and live on disability check. i really love the images from my lens and want to keep this qualilty-help
The 50mm CFI is a great lens. In fact, so is the 50mm CF and you can pick up one of these at an excellent price. If cost is a major factor, I would go with the CF. You will not be sacrificing quality, just saving money.
There are two versions of the CF 50 mm lens: the FLE lens that is optically the same as the CFi, and the older non-FLE which is the same optical design as the old C lens.

Given a choice, get the FLE one.
Else, the non-FLE still is a good lens you don't have to worry about.