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Lee bellows hoodwhich one


New Member

I have always used screw in or bay filters in the past.

I am looking at getting a lee bellows hood for my V series lenses.
It will be used mainly on a 50mm cf fle or cfi and a 150mm (with the later possibility of use on a swc 38mm also) ( I will also be using these filters on my 54 set up with appropriate adpaters.)

I will be using uv, solid nd, polarising filter, and possibly grad nd's (hence lee over proshade)

From experience do I need the universal hood or will the standard hood one with single / double filter slot do?..I assuume it may for the 50 but not for the 38mm?

Can I use the square polariser filters with this set up or do I have to use the round ones..and if I can use the square ones how will they rotate?

Thanks for any definitive answers you can give me.

Would the wide angle hood extend enough to work with the 150mm lens?

And then whatever hood I went for, would it need to be attached via a foundation kit or oterh filter holder in the first place to allow me to rotate the square polariser filter?

Also with these hoods not having rails with markings like the prosades do you simply extend until you see vigneting in the viewfinder and then go back a bit?

I have found it surprisingly difficult to find answers about this set upo despit imaging mny peopel using it.
Let's see if we can be of some help here.

Can the W/A hood be used with your 150mm? Possibly. The wide angle bellows is specifically designed for wide end of the focal lengths. It's a much wider spread and may not be effective enough for the longer focal lengths ... but it does extend out as far as the regular LEE and Hasselblad bellows do. I think it would work if a mask was made to place over the front of the Lee W/A shade. There aren't any mounting screws on the W/A hood, but it would be easy to make something .

I use both LEE versions and both have dual filter slots. I use adapter rings for Hasselblad bay 60, and a wide range of different screw-in filter sizes for use on just about any lens.

Some Lee adapters are designated as Wide Angle because they reverse back on themselves to pull the filter mount as close to the front of the lens as possible ... this allows use of a double filter slot holder with many wider lenses. I don't think this type is available as a Hasselblad Bay adapter ... just screw ins.

I just happen to be prepping for a shoot tomorrow where I will be using warm color grads to enhance the fall colors, and ND Grads to keep from blowing the sky out with a digital back ... so I was able to pop off a shot of the three hoods: closest on the your left is the LEE W/A with a dual slot filter holder. It is extended out all the way, but collapses down very thin. Next, mounted on the camera is the Hasselblad Pro Shade, also extended out all the way. Back right is the LEE standard hood with a dual slot filter holder fully extended ... showing the mounting screws for a front mask ( which I do not have mounted ).

Than you Mark for all that info, pictures and I hope your shoot went well.

The standard lee hood looks very similar in size to the hasselblad proshade and as it extends as far also it looks good for longer lenses. (150mm)
Being the same width does it retract as far back to the camera/lens as the proshade and therefore give similar shading at the wide end?

Witht the wide shade not giving proper shading at the long end, which it is not designed to do after all, perhaps this is where the Lee universal shade comes in doing the job of the wide and standard combo?

So I am looking at a Lee shade (lets say the universal) with two filter slots for my uv, grads, etc, attached to the lens with a lee bay 60/70 adapter. I can see how this now works with uv filters, grads, nd's etc but I am still uncertain as to how a square resin polariser would be rotated as it would need to rotate independently from the shade + other filters...or do the two filter slots built into the shades rotate independently?
Thanks Marc. The Lee is actually a little longer in extention, and does collapse down just as tight as the Pro Shade. I cannot answer the Polarizer question first hand, as I've never used one in the Lee shade. If it is like others I've seen, it could be a square slip in, but the filter part is round and can be rotated with the finger ... but that's just a guess.

If you find out, please let us know here.
Thanks for all your help Mark.

I'll post here if I find out about usng the lee square poalrisers.

In the meantime the ideal would seem to be using bay 60 to 67 step rings to use the screw in polarisers, uv, solid nd, etc which of course I already have very nice b+w versions with the hasselblad shades and the lee hood with drop in resin filters when I want to use grad filters..I assume you can simply attach the proshade to the outside of the lens as normal and the bay 60-67mm step ring + filter fits nicely inside it all?...unless of course you could use a bay 60 to 67 step ring with screw filters and a lee hood at the same time..that would save having 2 hoods!

Out of interest what is the widest screw in filter / bay step ring combo you use with your hoods?

Hi Marc,

Yes, the Proshade attaches to the outside bajonet, so the internal bajonet is free for filters.

Well I've done lots of research today..should be repainting in my house but any excuse!

The following should work depending on wether I end up with a bay 60 or bay 70 50mm lens.

For just bay 60 lenses:
A lee bay 60 adaptor which takes my 67mm screw in filters (polarisers, uv, solid grads, etc ) in conjunction with the lee universal hood attached to the bay 60 adaptor using the built in filter slot of the hood when I use a grad filter, colour correction, etc...simple.

For bay 60 and bay 70 lenses:
A bay 60 and bay 70 to 72mm step up ring with lee 72mm wide angle adaptor attached. Then my 72mm screw in filters can be used directly on this lee w/a adaptor and again the universal hood as above..simple

I'm pretty sure I'm right in these findings and that would be good as it means only needing the one hood and being able to use my current sets of screw in filters.