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I have received the latest version of VICTOR BY HASSELBLAD a week ago .
They have changed the packaging to a cheaper version and the magazine I received was badly damaged at the corners (top and bottom) at the right side .

I called the VICTOR people and got a replacement the next day . That IS service . The packaging was like the older style and the magazine arrived like a virgin . Great .
(not the virgin but the magazine)

I do not like the contents of this magazine at all , but others might like it very much . It shurely is a kind of personal preference .

But I would like to comment the two images at page 26 and 29 , which I think are somewhat ugly .
They reveal the typical impression of MADAME TOUSSAUD's WAX CABINET in London .
The faces are so unnatural for me , that I must say "UGLY" . This seems to be normal for digital portraits . We have already seen some ex&les in the forum .

What are your opinions ? ? ?

Regards Jürgen
Hello Jürgen,
I second your opinion on the Wax Cabinet portraits. The trash story about these weapon carrying ladies is also somewhat silly. Nevertheless Victor magazines do also contain interesting articles especially the technical articles I do appreciate very much.


(personal note to Jürgen, I am now also member of the 1600F-club)
Hi Jürgen,

i also have the Victor magazine and i also thought around the same with this particularly pictures. The reasons for this Waxiness might be: the models do have very clean skin, the pictures are very hard photoshoped (TV-Spielfilm look seems to be a desired style....) and maybe the resolution of the CFV back is not high enough for printing them that large (not too likely). I do not like that look also....

One can get way more natural look out of the CFV - as you can see on the other pictures i posted in the CFV thread. Here is another quick snap the day i received my unit - so do not expect a perfect picture. ;)


Well now I am wondering where my "Victor" is?????

Maybe the customs agents banned it from entering Australia because of the "ugly wax cabinet portraits"!!
Hello Simon,

From a reliable source I heard any printed matter that holds pictures
is put at the mercy of a committee before it is admitted to Australia.
This is to prevent the steady decline in quality of pictures entering the country.

The guys doing the valuation are a bit behind on schedule so your copy of Victor will be delayed.
I presume "Victor" will pass.

Well my copy arrived 2 days ago and was generally undamaged.

There is minor denting to the top corner, but very minor. I think my long distance posted copy is still in the heavier cardboard to avoid the type of damage that Jurgen's copy suffered.

Yes Jurgen, I agree with your criticism of the Wax Cabinet shots - ugly!