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Klinger Polaroid Back?


New Member
I just bought a 503cx kit and it came with a polaroid back.
It says on it it's a Klinger HM IIa. I tried looking it up online (via google) but didn't come up with really any information on it at all.

I was wondering two things:
1 - How to correctly load the damn thing, I was able to fandangle it to take pictures right, but flashed the first frame futzing around.

2 - Will it take the Fuji instant film (as opposed to the Polaroid 690 that I already have)?

Thank you!

How about a picture of this rare find?

The number Polaroid 690 leds me to believe this is an older back similar to the Hasselblad "80".
For those backs there is no more film available.
That situation may change if Polroid starts producing film again.
Sofar nothing is confirmed about those plans.

No more MTG this is post 2000.