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Is the Kodak 16MP 645 back any good for my 503cw


New Member
Anyone using one ??

I shoot landscapes and portraits / i would like to TRY and get into some commercial work so i really need a Digi back.

I cant afford £10.000 upwards but i can get a mint second hand Kodak for £2.500.

can anyone post some photos ?

Kind Regards

Andy Mack

Hello Andrew

I have visited your homepage .
Very nice shots from Scotland . Reminds me very much of the time I have been living there .
(about a year)
Especially up north , Skye and Mull .
Thanks Jotloob !

Why did you move away ? lol

Yeah Skye's light is just amazing at times. I am going to try and do some island hopping this september when the midges have calmed down a bit !!!


Hi Andy,

The Kodak 645H back is for the H series of cameras, You'll need to find a Pro Back Plus for your 503CW. I'm using one now and find it's working great for me although I do want to move to an Imacon/Hasselblad back. You may want to try and find a V96C or a 96C with a V series adapter. These are the older style backs that use the image banks but the firmware is still current and continues to be supported by Hasselblad. It's got a 16mp square sensor with a crop factor of 1.5x. Hope this helps.

Yeah it looks like i am going to just buy a Nikon 9000ED for the time being until i can afford a 16mp Hassie back
But then i would need a 30mm lens to deal with the 1.5x crop factor !!!

Thanks Gilbert and Simon for your kind words

Makes it worth while when other people like your stuff !!!