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IS A 50mm C worth buying


New Member
I have read reports on here that the 50MM C is not as good as the CF lens ?

I have just bought a 503CW and to be honest i cant really afford anything else apart from a 50MM C .

I would really like a chrome 50MM C but is it as bad as people make out ?


Andy Mack

It isn't.
It may not be the best lens of the Zeiss/Hasselblad bunch, and later versions may be a tiny bit better, but it is capable of producing excellent results still.
It has been a mainstay for Hasselblad photographers for many, many years. No worries.

A C50 "as bad as people make out"? Not by my standards. It produces excellent results (go to the "Lenses" section of this forum and check out the "Your favorite lens" thread for some s&le images.

I own a C50 (albeit a black, T* one) and it is my favourite lens, together with the CF40 I also own.

Given the choice I would try to get a T* coated C50 though, there are enough C50 lenses out there to be a bit picky.