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instruction manual

somehow the attachement thing does not work -send your email adress of line and i will send the pdf to you that way regards ruben
Again, the pdf seems to be to big to be attached within the mail facility of this forum - keeps coming up with an error message - so if you need the pdf just mail your email adress and i will send it off line - regards ruben
Hi Ruben,

please send the pdf file to the webmaster and we will upload it in the scan section. Attachments in the forum are restricted to 50KB
Hi webmaster

sorry have been away from this forum so I did not se your request - wat is your e-mail so that i can send the manual in pdf?
I read the posts. But the problem was resolved?
Someone knows where to find the instructions manual of 501 CM? (italian version if possible, otherwise in english)
\/--\/--\/-- >"Dear Danilo, The 501CM manual is available for download for instance from for approximately 10USD. This includes also the italian version, but unfortunately doesn't include the picture part. In case that you'll need some help, you can reach me directly at"

Go to the top of this very page you are reading now, click on "Manuals", and save $10 and/or postage.

But don't be fooled by where it says "PDF-Manual of Hasselblad 501 CM". That link just leads to an advertising leaflet.

Read the 500 C/M manual you can find there, and know that apart from the fixed wind crank, the missing locking lever on the shutter release, the body ready signal (all features the 500 does have, but the 501 does not) all that it says in there also applies to the 501.