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Input on H1 Lenses from H1 Shooters


New Member
I'd appreciate input from those actually using the H1 camera and lenses.
Particularly the 35mm, 150, 210- any observations, complaints?
I'm presently shooting with the 80, and find it excellent.
i use the 35, 50-110, and 150. all nice and sharp, however they are damn expensive. the quality and build are good.
but considering how much it will cost to put together the full kit, i'm not convinced they are worth the price. I regret i did not with rollei or contax. the 210 is going for 3k and the unreleased macro about the same. i went with the h1 with promise that it would take the v lenses in the future however the adapter is still on the drawing, i gather they are waiting.
Hi. I used the H1 with the 35mm, the 150mm and the 1.7 teleconverter for a month in South India. I work only on a tripod. The 35mm is absolutely stunning and bears little resemblance to the Nikon 24mm I thought that it was replacing. It is optically the best wide angle I've ever encountered. Distortion is so unnoticeable that if the H1 didn't imprint which lens I use I wouldn't know for sure it was the 35mm. This lens is better for me for people photos because of its large depth of field-unlike the 150, which is shallow, and the 150 with the teleconverter which is very thin.
I did use the 150 (wonderfully sharp with great contrast and amazing highlight detail) and with the addition of the teleconverter I captured an outstanding image utilizing the shallow depth of field for a soft foreground and sharp background.
One thing I have learned which I can pass along. With 35mm (Nikon) I often utilized f.16 for maximum depth of field. With this 645 system I've found that (for me) f.22 has better depth of field without the diffraction which likely would have accompanied its use with my Nikon.
This H1 system cost me a fortune, but since this is my profession (and I've already spent the money) I will not be returning to the Nikon system. I hope that Hasselblad comes out with a 250 some time this year. I didn't purchase the 80 because I thought that it would be analogous to using the Nikon 50mm, a focal length I find uninteresting. Maybe a mistake. Hope that these observations are helpful. Roberto
Hi, Omar. I looked at the pictures connected to the link you posted. The 150 is clearly out of focus on at least two of the images. What a piece of garbage this expensive lens appears to be. But I own and have used the H1 150 3.2 extensively very recently and have found it far sharper than any of my very sharp fixed focal length Nikon lenses. These are very good lenses and a number of the images I have taken with them produce 30x40 prints of high quality.
My theory is that these pictures taken with the 150 were taken too close for the lens to focus. I don't remember how close that is, but I think its close to two meters. Maybe you will look it up since I'm on the road. Robert
Greetings! First time post here and putting my 2 cents regarding the 150mm lens. Extremely sharp and contrasty with excellent color saturation. I shot Fuji NPS 160 and Astia 100 with this lens on the H1 and proved to be exceptional in handling, AF speed and image resolution. The VF was sharp and contrasty. I used the H1 & 150 combination for portraits and headshots and the 50-110 zoom for grab shots in PJ style wedding/event photos along w/ Nikon's D70 digital and it's lens kit seamlessly. The Hassy images are outstanding! IF you can't afford it, RENT IT! IF you CAN AFFORD IT, you're a working pro that should be lucky enough to have the H1 as part of your imaging tools. Go and shoot!