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In Vietnam with mirror lockup


Help, please! I released the mirror prior to taking a photo and everything locked up! I have been able to recock the camera and remove the lens but the mirror is still locked up and the shutter release does not work. The only button that still reacts is the mirror release button, which now just releases the main shaft. The mirror remains locked up at all times.

Is there anything I can do to fix the camera?

I have gone through the usual procedure of taking off the bonnet as per the process of unjamming the camera but this does not release the mirror or allow me to fire the camera.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm in Hoi An just in case that is relevant!!!
Further to my above post, I notice that when I get to the step in the unjamming process where you screw in screw #4, the plate holding the internal cocking mechanism separates but, on my 500C/M, the shaft is still engaged and does not become unclutched or spin freely, as the unjamming instructions say it should.

I can still recock the camera using the internal screw.

Does this mean I should turn screw #4 in further? I have already turned it 6.25 turns.

I also forgot to mention that, although I was able to remove the lens, I could not put it back on or put on any other lens.

Hope this helps!