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Import 3fr image into FlexColor


I have been using FlexColor for some years with my Imacon scanner but only recently started to play around with it for use with my CFV back.

I had no problems to connect the back to my Mac G5 via Firewire and see the images that were on the CF card, adjusting them in FlexColor then saving them as TIFF files for further work in PhotoShop.

But I was playing around with an alternative approach to importing images and have not yet had any success.

I own an 80Gb HyperSpace portable disk-drive / card reader. I use it on dive trips to copy and backup my CF cards at the end of each day. Then, when returning home, the RAW images can be copied from the HyperSpace into my Hard Disk (via USB 2.0) and then I process the images in Adobe Camera Raw into PhotoShop.

I wondered if the HyperSpace might also be useful with the CFV's CF cards. It would be comforting to backup the CF cards during a long trip. So I tried to test this option.

I can take the CF card out of the CFV and place them in the HyperSpace which seems to have no problems copying the image files to its internal had disk. I can connect the HyperSpace to my Mac and copy the CFV images to my Hard Disk.

But, I can not get FlexColor (V4.7) to recognise or import the xxxxxx.3fr image files that I copied to my hard disk.

Is it possible to import these 3fr image files and I am doing something wrong?

Or, is a direct FireWire connection the only way to get images from the CF card on the CFV into FlexColor?

Do I need to buy the Hasselblad image bank, if I want to to back-up my CF cards?

Any suggestions gratefully received.


This should not be a problem. I drop and drag my raw images from the CF card to a folder I created on the desktop (much, much faster than importing from the card). I then open FlexColor, go to "Window" on the menu bar, then "Import" and use the top drop down box to go to the desktop folder. Then click "load." That's the way I do it in Windows and I'm thinking its the same on the MAC. Slick.

Maybe its one of those Mac verses PC issues. Although usually, FlexColor is quite well-behaved on a Mac.

I have played with one of the images a bit.

In "get info", the "open with" is blank. Even if I change that to "", FlexColor still will not import it. The icon of the file is still showing as a "Unix Executable", indicating a problem with the "Creator" setting in the resource fork.

I can open it in Lemkesoft's GraphicConverter. It sees the image but gets some of the image parameters wrong (says that it is 218x218 pixels).

But FlexColor still wont import it.

I wonder if it is a Mac OS X "resource fork" problem. That would explain why FlexColor on Windows will import .3FR files but not on a Mac...

I am using MAC OSX 10.4.10 and FELXCOLOR 4.7
I also use a FW CF card reader . I connect the CF card reader to my system and as soon as I start FLEX COLOR , a new folder "SCRATCH PAD" is created automatically .
I drag and drop all my 3FR data from the reader (disk) into that scratch pad and do an IMPORT , then done by FLEXCOLOR (from that scratch pad) . Then I save these 3f data sets as TIFF datasets on a space , designed according to my available storage space .
Ahaaaah! Got it.

Because I am playing around with the same image (only got a couple of test images to play with until my 205FCC comes back from Sweden), it was not showing up in the import window because I had already imported that image earlier, directly from the CFV back. It must keep an internal register of images that have already been transferred and does not display them again. If I unclick "include transferred" the image shows up in the import window and I can play with it again.

The logic makes sense because it would be a rare situation when you have a user repeatedly importing the one image.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help.