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Image of 30mm distagon with CFV


Does anyone have en ex&le of how this looks with and without the crop factor?
Is the fisheye effect ruined when using the digiback?

Any help is much appreciated.


If you can find a shot on 6x6 made with the 30mm you could create a carton mask with a cut-out which corresponds 1:1 with the sensor. This should give you an idea I think.

I've played with a 30mm a couple of times but never made any pictures with it unfortunately. What I remember is that the fish-eye distortion is quite extreme, I doubt that the sensor crop really helps you here. I, for what that is worth, did not like what I saw. The 40mm I like a lot, the 30mm not at all.

YMMV of course!

Hi Marcus,

I use the 30mm with my 16mp Kodak back (same sensor size) and you still get some fisheye effect, but of course the corners are not as extreme. I use it for architectural work and it give me a 45mm equivilent view and then I use photoshop to correct it. You need to keep your image centre in the middle to get good corrections but I find it works for me.

With a digiback and photoshop,it's eazy to reduce the distortion in few seconds.

Biogonisation of fish eye digital pictures.
I like the curves and the fisheye effect. I am actually worried I will lose this with the digiback. It appears as though I will.
Hi Marcus,

No, You won't loose the curves you just won't have the angle of view. Most of us using this for commercial work want to reduce the distortion. If you want more distortion you can add it in photoshop as well. Here is a jpeg image I took with my Kodak back,
the distortion is still there. Hope this helps.

Na... no thanks. I personally find the distortion very annoying. But fortunately tastes differ :)

Marcus, logic tells me that 30mm owners are seeking the distortion as a feature of the lens - if not, who would buy one then!

Franc's image shows that the cropped image retains enough (IMHO) distortion to still be an effective fish-eye lens. But, again that depends upon personal preference - enough distortion, or not enough?