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Imacon back and flexcolor software


New Member
I would to know if anyone is having prblems with the H1 and the Imacon back. We're having some but I'm not sure if it is due to operator error or an equipment malfuntion.
Hi Frank I'm a long time Imacon (hasselblad) and H1 user and run a Yahoo group with 250 Imacon users. Please give more details as to the problems you are having or feel free to get in touch direct at nick(at) Regards Nick-T
I am in process of buying Imacon back for my H1 and met Imacon rep yesterday. As at present Hasselblad/Imacon is offering price break till end of Dec. So could you explain what problem you are having? Thanks
Hi Shishir,
Which back and how much? I can find no mention of pricing on either B&H or Hasselblad websites. For me this is academic, as I surely can't afford the back until at least May and have no Photoshop exertise. Just curious.
Hi Robert,
It is refered as "H1 Owners Loyalty Promotion" for people who purchased H1 prior to October 1, 2004
(1). H1D MSRP 21,995, Promo for 19,995.
(2). 132C 22mp Back MSRP 24,845, Promo 20,495.
(3). H1&132C Ixpress combo MSRP 26,995, Promo 24,995.
I looked at their Flexcolor software and my initial reaction is that it is real good. Better than Phase One's. Easier to use and really one does not have to use Photoshop at all. Layer management is better than Phase One's Software. Very user friendly.
> I have the H1 and have been thinking about buying the imacon back. I have an Imacon scanner and use the flextouch software which is good but I would like more options for my scans. Perhaps the software version of the flextouch for the H1D is more detailed. For ex&le I cannot find a simple way to be able to scan with the highest optical resolution of my scanner. The only way to get to that number is by putting in the size of the image on output, basically trial and error. It's not ideal. And who is selling the H1D for Imacon. Anyone in NYC? And what about the new Leaf back which is available in February. Does anyone have information on it?] Thanks, Lori
Hi Lori,
Purchasing of H1D &/or Imacon, you are better off approaching Imacon rep, who are ingulfed by Hasselblad, then Hassey rep, who may not be that familiar with Imacon brand. Imacon-USA reps are reached thru' 800-367-6434. Chicago or midwest rep is Gina Connor. Don't know who handles NY market. EBay has one for min. bid of $9,900(reserve), but one has to spend $2000. to update to LCD screen as this one has no preview plus $850.+ for H1 adopter plate. Might want to buy a new one for that money. RE; For Scanner resolution you might want to ask Imacon Rep, they may a have shortcut suggestions.
The new Leaf back "Aptus" is going for $19k for 17MP & $30k for 22MP @ Calumet. I have not seen any reviews other than PR. Big touchscreen in the back,..nice, but what happens in the field with extreme temps? I think everybody is using Kodak's senser, so quality can't be that far off.
Have you tried the tutorials on web, may be they are too basic for you, but sometimes they do allow us to think in another informed way, try;...
Keep us informed of what you decide.
Thanks Shawn
One more thing,
Imacon senser size is for 16MPixel 36.9 cms square and for 22MPixel it is 36.7cms x 49.cms.
Aptus/Creo/Leaf Senser for Aptus 17: 43.2 x 31.7 mm, Leaf Aptus 22: 48 x 36 mm So in Imacon 16MP-96c model you shoot in square format while Aptus maintains rectangular format. Imacon 22MP back has slightly bigger senser, so a little less loss of picture. I think it is more personal preference.
Hi Nick, can you please post the link into your Imacon forum. I'm looking at getting an Imacon or Phase one back. In australia the 16mp Imacon is $10,000 cheaper than the 16mp Phase One !
> Hi Anthony The "forum" is a Yahoo group for owners of Imacon (hasselblad) backs and is strictly limited to working pros to keep things on topic. If you go to and apply to join you will be sent a request for some details prior to being accepted. Failing that feel free to post back specific questions here and I will do my best to answer. regards Nick-T