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HUG the Second Coming


Dear Hasselbladders and Hasselbladians,

Some|many|all of you may know the HUG: the Hasselblad User Group.
A mailing list for Hasselblad users.

It would appear that the HUG, alas, has recently taken a turn for the worse. Very, very quiet.
I don't know whether it is just resting, stunned or even pining for the fjords, or that it definitely has expired and gone to meet its maker. It would seem the last.

After a suitable period of silent mourning, a HUGger has revived the idea, and created a "HUG 2.0":

To subscribe go to:

To post, post to:

Please queue up!

And no: it's not in competition with HasselbladInfo.
It's different. Extra. The two can coexist (and have done so) perfectly well.

Thanks for the hug!
I've been waiting along time for that!


You didn't know that you could hug and be hugged every day of the week?

Maybe that's what made the HUG Mk I slowly wither away. When joining, you will have to promise Jim Brick that you will not let that happen to his HUG Mk II!