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Howdy filter size questions


New Member
Howdy all. I am new to the forum, and consider myself an intermediat in training.

When my Dad died, I inherited a 500c, a 500cm, a 50mm, an 80mm, a 150mm, and a 250mm, along with two backs, two prism finders, a kiev metered prism finder, and a bunch of little goodies.

I want to do some high contrast b&w, but dont know what filter sizes to purchase. Can anyone tell me a way, or web site, that will help me identify?


Hello Richard,

First of all you need to know what lenses you have.
When the barrels have a silver look they are "C" type lenses that will have 63 mm (series VIII) filters for the 50 mm and bajonet 50 mm filters for the other lenses.
If the lenses are black and do not state CF/CFE/CFi the same goes.
These are also "C" type lenses.
You could get an adapter ring that allows you to use series VIII filters on bajonet 50 too.
Series VIII filters may be easier to get than bajonet 50.
With the Kiev finder forget about the metering part it is useless.
Before you start have the filmbacks checked for correct functioning light traps and spacing.
Thanks for the info. I will look into the backs (pun intended!) and keep an eye out for the function of the Kiev. I have lots to learn, so this is a good place to start. There was also a Weston II meter in the box, so I can learn that, too. Cheers!