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How to use digital back with Flexbody


In the absence of an acceptable digital area, I'm starting this thread here as it is the most active Hasselblad digital area of this forum.

I am looking into using a digital back on a Flexbody. I am reseaching separately how different backs allow you to have the sensor in either portrait or landscape orientation.

What I would like to know now is whether any of the backs have good enough preview screens so you can compose the image through the screen instead of (as you have to do with film) using the ground glass screen to compose and swapping that for a film back to take the exposure.

How do users use digital backs with their Flexbody? Do digital backs make using a Flexbody easier or better?
Hi Roger.

Your Flexbody uses a digital back in the same manner as you use a film back. You would employ the ground glass to compose (optionally with a RMf Reflex finder), remove that and mount the digital back for the shot.

The only other way to do it without removing the back would be with a Sliding Back Adapter like those used on a View-camera. Sliding backs are nothing new, I used to use one on a 4X5 with a 6X9 roll film back. I've personally never seen one made for a Flexbody, nor do I know if one would even fit without interfering with the sliding mechanism. NOT inexpensive, but it can't hurt to ask the Kapture Group if one of theirs could be adapted to work.

The LCD on the digital back is NOT a live preview window. However, some backs & software allow live video feed on a monitor when tethered to a computer. It's relatively primitive right now, but it does work, I've done it. IMO, it's only good for basic composition when on a tripod in studio. Kapture Group also makes Live Video adapters.

CONCERNING THE ROTATION: here's a quote from the Capture Group Sliding Back section:

"The included drop-in interface plate is available in Hasselblad, Hasselblad H series, Mamiya 645AFD and Contax 645 mount. The drop-in inserts are rotatable and allow landscape or portrait orientation of your digital back."