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How to sell a 500 ELM setup



Hello all

i am in the states (chicago area) and have beent trying to sell/trade my hassy setup for months now...what gives...whats the best way to sell it without losing a ton of money?

its very basic

waistlevel viewfinder
80mm 2.8 zeiss
a12 back
straps slides caps etc
nice hard case to put it all in

ive been asking 850-900 for what gives?

any help is appreciated
collin pierson
Where are you trying to sell this?

Is the photo of it really nice to entice people into looking?

Sometimes I also include a shot taken with the camera being sold, which is convincing proof.

Also, the price seems a little low, and may make people think there is something wrong with it.

An 80/2.8 in nice condition can fetch $400.-$450., and an A-12 back another $150-$200 depending on model ... so the parts are worth at least $550 - $650. Which leaves the ELM @
$250. ?????

Also, it takes a special user for this kind of gear, so it'll most likely take longer to sell.

Best of luck.

Perhaps offering a little more detail (how old, how much use, specific lens model, etc) and photos showing the condition of the equipment will help. You might be able to check with the local schools and perhaps someone starting out in business and could use an ELM.

Good Luck:

Here in Germany a good EL/M will sell for around 150 Euros, a serviced A12 back for 100 Euros and a mint 80 mm CT* lens for 300 Euros. So do not expect more than 550 Euros/680 US$. I'd keep it and use it.

I am interested to find some more ELM cameras.
I have already 12 of them and could use some more to make a pavement from the gate to the front door of my house!

The last one I bought for 30 USD including a charger but no WLF.

Because of batterieproblems with cameras that are not often used these models are not much in demand.
Since a few years this disadvantage has been overcome by the fitting of non rechargeable batteries like the little 9 V one that is generally available.