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How to reset 150mm lens shutter manually


New Member
I'm having trouble reattaching a lens after using a 2x extender.

I've tried everything I know, but - and yes, it's a dumb question - does anyone know how to reset the lens shutter? It won't reattach to the 500C/M so it won't let me reset the shutter that way.

There must be a manual way to do this.

I made the mistake of detaching the lens before the shutter was reset.

Any ideas?

Put in dark slide.
Remove film back.
Fire camera without a lens.
Put on the lens.
Crank camera with lens.
Attach film back.
Remove dark slide.

You are good to go.

Please don't try that!
Both (!) lens and camera have to be cocked to remove or attach a lens.

So make sure the camera is cocked.

And you can cock the lens off-camera using a small coin.
Insert the coin in the slot in the small disc at the rear of the lens, and rotate it in the direction indicated by the small red arrow until it clicks.