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How to remove stepdown ring from 50 FLE


Is there a special trick to removing the B70-B60 step-down adapter that comes with the 50 FLE?

I tried a search on Google and and came up with nada. Suprisingly, I remember reading a thread a while ago that outlined a variety of possible methods, but for the life of me I cannot find it now. Anyway, the bloody thing has been on the lens since last spring and is locked-in solid.

I'm thinking of picking up a lens wrench, but would there be any risk of cracking/breaking the mount if I torque on it too much?

One last question -- sort of a survey -- does anyone regard the bayonet filter mount idea to be somewhat of an abortion in practice (I am aware this system was intended to facilitate quick mounting/removal of filters; but in practice it is none too secure -- somewhat ironic, since the verdammt adapter has the opposite problem
I finally got the adapter off with the help of feedback on To help anybody else who has run (or may run) into the same problem, I hope this edited cut and paste from will be of assistance.


Edward Ingold Patron, sep 05, 2005:

Push and turn (left). It locks if you don't push as you turn.

By the way, you could use a block of wood to press and turn, to save wear and tear on your fingers if it is really too tight.

Rob F. Hero Patron, sep 05, 2005; 06:53 p.m.

A rubber band around the adapter is another way to improve your grip. Be gentle with it. Turn, push/pull with firm but gentle compound motions until it yields.

Wayne Haas , sep 05, 2005; 10:10 p.m.

... Never thought of rotating it left since I assumed that would just tighten it further :)


What seems to work well is to move the adapter completely to the right, and then attach a Bay 60 lens cover and tighten it without allowing the adapter to move. The 'handle' in the lens cover provides a good grip that facilitates not only turning the adapter to the left, but also in lifting it up at each incremental turn as Rob F. advised.
Good idea Wayne. Gee that rubber band trick works a treat. In fact I'm sure that one of the filter makers has a rubberised item you can fit over "stuck" filters and adapter rings to free them up. Just can't recall which one it was.

I do reacll that Hoya makes a neet cap it supplies with one of its polariser filters. Use it on the filter to fit to the lens/other filter and to undo it helping to avoid a jam.