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How to choose


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I am new to medium format and very interested in 500 serise. i want a 500 camera that can last me fairly long time so it can adapt digital back and other possible new feature. for those reasons i am set between 503CW and 555ELD. But i do not know which one to get, and the reason getting one over another. Can you guys give me an advice? or you guys think 500 serise is not a good camera to start with, which you will recommand, to some one how use friendly with AF and MF 35mm SLR, mainly portrait, people, sometimes landscap. thank you for help me out.
William, I currently use both the models of Hasselblad that you are considering. Unless you are planning high volume studio work, either camera will last you a lifetime if they are in good shape to start with.

The 555ELD is designed with an intergrated motor and is the more rugged studio camera of the two, but at the expense of bulk and weight. It is also the more "digital ready" choice, allowing direct mount of many digital backs without adapters or complexity. Like the 503CW, the 555ELD has TTL flash capibility.

The 503CW is a more portable choice. You can use it in basic form without a motor or prisim for a fairly compact MF travel or field camera. Add the motor and prisim and it is a mainstay workhorse camera for weddings and such. It is more difficult to make this camera digital ready, but that has been changing as more backs are developed by other manufacturers. However, some of the older backs, which can be had used for less money now, either won't work on the 503CW ( the original Kodak ProBack for ex&le), or will require expensive
adapters and power sources.

For the applications you outlined I would recommend the the 503CW which will cost you less initially and get you started in producing MF work using the wonderful Zeiss glass. But be forewarned that the experience is different from what you are use to with 35mm and AE/AF work. It is slower and more thoughtful in nature compared to your current experiences in photography.

Best of luck and good shooting to you.
Hello everybody,
i choose the 503CW for his portability and quality(both are), without any electrical equipment, you travel without problem around the world, it's one of the best product of today, for at the same time heaving a high lensquality and looking forward adapt it to digital backs, the best of the two world, a good compromise.
A question:
When comes a digital back for it with a dedicated memory card, so that you're a computerfree traveller, maybe i'm dreaming to much or maybe must wait a 20 year to buy one at a good price that a hobbyst can pay for it .

On another post of this forum they told about to connect the digital back to the CW winder, what about it? Is this a solution...doesn't exist others and around which prices?
To daniel, i visited your site yet, with the forum of galerie-foto, (a medium and great format forum in France).Very good work!!.