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How many pictures on one film

We had the same "problem" on the first Xpan body, on the new one it is not better, it is the same. We lose more than one panoramic frame, one and a half.
Did someone know if it is a secondary setting, to win more pictures? Or the Xpan camera is for rich people that don’t see the difference between 20 or 21 pics on one film.? (or between 21 and 22, it depends on the length of film).
One other better thing, that fuji don’t think about, is the space between frames, it is short, because we have a touth, or the sign of Hasselblad-Xpan identity that take place on this space. Why to don’t have more place.?
I just looked over my Xpan negs and, sure enough, most rolls contain only 20 pano images (I almost never use the camera in 35mm mode) - I had never noticed this before. Only a few rolls contain 21 pics.

Hy Guy,
what disturb me, is that we have a part of the neg that is unexposed, more than one pano picture.
Why to lose this place.?
Are you sure you guys aren't loading your film with too much leader? I always get 21 frames of pano and I load my film so the end of the leader just barely kisses that line. Also, it could be the film manufacturer. I use Kodak Tmax and Tri-X. Maybe some of the other film manufacturers are getting away with a small cheat of lenght that doesn't usually make a difference with regular 35mm shots. If you measure your film, you might get to the bottom of this. If anyone wants a refference, I can measure the next roll I develop with 21 frames on it.
Hello Pia,
thanks for your idea. About the leader, it is not possible because it is different than on other camera, we don't decide about how many length of film we can win or lose. It is automatic, you put inside your film and the camera do all for you.
But maybe it is one other problem.
If you look on your film, from beginning:
first you have a black portion, and it is the part of film that you use when you put the film in the body;
second portion is that part that I don't understand or accept that is very long, more than one panorama picture, and this one is transparent, not exposed, but we can put one more panorama picture, or two 24x36 pictures;
after this you have all your pictures till the end of the film.
Like you know, in the XPan camera, the film is first loaded, and the first picture you make is numbered with 36 or more, and the last you take is on the number 0 or 1. I think that it is not difficult for the programer of the fuji staff to change anything.
I like the XPan for the kind of panorama pictures, for the good quality of image, but I think that mechanically it is not a german or swedish mentality, and the firmware too. For the mechanical problem they have changed some things with the new version XPan-II, but I don't see differences in other logical use.
Hello to everybody !!
With my new XPAN II and using Provia/Velvia/HP5/Konica/Kodak HIE rolls, I have always obtained 21 frames without any kind of problems !

Kind regards,