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New Member
Hi, I had been assisting for a few years and dabbled with MF but i soon had to go Digital as the industry had forced me too.

I am now shooting Fine art Landscapes and Digital is great but i would like to start shooting 6x6 film and seeing as velvia 50 is back i thought i should give it a go ! I will however get a digi back when one that i like and i can afford comes out for my 503CW.

I have just Bought a 503CW, not shot with it yet as i still have to buy some lenses, anyway i digress !

Q. is the iso setting on the camera only for TTL etc ?

As i will be shooting a LOT of Velvia 50 without any flash does it matter if i set the iso setting to 64 but rate it at 50 or even 40. And will this effect My PME finder ?

Sorry if this question is stupid !!

Kind Regards

Andy Mack
A. The setting is indeed for TTL Flash Control only.
Whatever you set te dial to, it will only be 'read' by the metering electronics in a suitable flash unit connected to the camera through the SCA 390 adapter.
PME finders will require separate setting of ISO values on the prism itself.

User manuals for the 503 CW camera and meter prisms (and a few more things) can be found here.

Nothing stupid about the questions, of course.
Have fun using the Hasselblad!
I thought that was the case but thanks so much for clarifying that for me


Andy Mack
You can pick up a used PME51 meter prism on Ebay fairly reasonable. Often, National Camera Exchange has them for about the same as you'll pay on Ebay. I've used this meter prism for several years. It is extremely accurate, but you will have to run exposure tests to be sure how to set the ISO with your focusing screen. I have to double the ISO with my 501CM with the newer Acutte Matte screen. IE - with Velvia 50, I need to set my ISO to 100. And even now, as I look at my transparencies, I'm thinking another 1/3rd stop down would be better (125). Also, as with any non-coupled meter prism, you must remember to set your camera's maximum aperture value on the meter each time you change lenses. Something I still often forget to do!
Michael H. Cothran

A PME51 should not need a compensation when used with Acute Matte screens.
So i'd guess that either your screen isn't an Acute Matte, or your PME51 is a plain PME.
"A PME51 should not need a compensation when used with Acute Matte screens.
So i'd guess that either your screen isn't an Acute Matte, or your PME51 is a plain PME."

I'd really like to know what I have then. The screen is what came with the 501CM originally. I thought they were all Acute Matte screens. It sure is a lot brighter than the original screen on my older 500CM.
As for the metered prism, I bought it used, but it came to me in a PME51 box, was listed by the seller as a PME51, has "PME51" st&ed (or decaled) right above the viewfinder, as well as two blue parallel lines on the side.
Does anyone know of any ways to identify the screen or meter prism other than what I have described above?
Michael H. Cothran

The screens being easy to swap, it can be any screen ever produced sitting inside a Hasselblad. Except when bought new, in an unopened box.

It could be the prism that's wrong.
When buying used, never ever look at the box. You're not buying the box. Many the items that are sold next to boxes that promise more than the product can deliver.

With "PME51" st&ed on the prism, the prism appears to be correct though.
So it would be the screen that is responsible.
Maybe you can find a friendly Hassy owner in the neighbourhood with a known-to-be-AM screen to check your PME51?