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Hi can someone tell me something about this cam



Hi, I received this camera from a friend as gift. I know very little about Hasselblad and I would like to know if it makes sense to repair this camera or just put it on a shelf cause it looks good.

The camera body seams to work well, but is you look at the lens when it is cocked, you can see one wing of the diaphragm kinda stuck..

Is it worth investing time and money in this camera?

I am a armature photographer and now use a digi SLR, and the last time I used film in that format was in the '60s...

here are some pictures of the camera...

Thanks in advance,

If you can find the right guy to repair the lens I think you should go ahead - It is a great lens on a great camera!
I see you even got the tube for macro photo
If the rest works all you need is to replace the light seal on the film back and you will have a wonderfull camera !(ca. 10 usd - will save you from stray light on your film - ask around in here to get a link to were you can get them - something you can fix on your own)
Compared to digital a scanned 6x6 iso 100 film makes easily a 60 mb file or more so we are talking super quality
warning though - one tend to get addicted to the square format - so many compositions naturally comes your way > > in other words it is a keeper - and you have a nice friend giving you such a lovely camera - and you will find great advice from the guys in here
Last but not least - if you are from germany - good luck on saturday in the world cup - klinsi and his team proved that german football is going in the right direction > > best > > Ruben
>Hello Arie, if you know a friend I would say give it a try but I doubt >that you find someone who can repair this lens for a good price The lens >is more than 25 years old, I think is was made in +1980. If the camera is >ok then I would say, see on E-bay for a more recent lens, price are >decreasing. Go for a CF-lens like a 80mm ore 150mm. The Macro-tube seems >in good condition. Give it a try it is every cent worth. With a good >lightmeter, if you don't have one use your camerameter. The reults are >great, sharp, incredible fine for printing. You can scan them and the >result will be over the 100mb per picture(file). 6x6 Pictures is another >medium, every picture you make is one that you can have completely under >control, you will look minimun 10 times on the screen before you take the >picture, this is passion. And if you are not sure about the passion, send the camera to me, I will use it with passion like I do with my 500cw. Goog luke with it. bye
Thank you all for the info.. I took the camera to a photo store, and I was told that the lens (although it is an older C type) is a very good and desirable lens. I brought the camera and lens over to ICT repair shop and I will hear from them next week.. it will probably cost me to fix the lens and clean/lube the body around $200.. I think is it a good investment..

Ill keep y'all posted.