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Helpful tip correct horizons


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Just a small tip I stumbled on - maybe most of you were well ahead of me. But I was given a Hasselblad spirit level, which fits beautifully on the side of the 501CM body (and others of course).

My favourite technical sles person (tragically gone to God at a more tragically early age), who so brilliantly guided me through building my beloved 'Blad system, pulled a nice used one out one day and said she had kept it for me at no charge!

Now I don't have issues with 1 or 2 degree out horizons. No matter how careful I used to be with a spirit level on my Manfrotto tripod, I'd occassionally end up with a "bad" horizon. No more.

It is even helpful (with some practice) when shooting hand held.

So if you don't have one and see one lying about at cheap money, grab it.
i understand the purpose of keeping the the forums neat and tidy, but why are most of the posts around here complaining about misplaced comments?!? I think there are too many sub-forums here anyway... And I got a used level with a camera i got on ebay and it is very useful. I'd suggest one to others...
> There are several forums, but (1) MAIN FORUM. The activity on the > other forums is minimal. Hence, if one asks a question there, the odds > are it will never be seen in our lifetime. Hence most people post them > here. Personally, I don't mind the various threads all coming > together.

Most of the posts are not complaining about misplaced messages.
Only some.

And you say you know why that is, so...


No, there is not one MAIN forum.
There are many forums dedicated to different parts of the multi-facetted phenomenon Hasselblad is.
This bit of the forum is dedicated to 501 cameras. Other bits are dedicated to other bits. A good thing that.

As long as, that is, we find posts about, say, Zeiss lenses, in the bit meant for posts about Zeiss lenses, etc.
There's no reason to fear your posts will not be seen. In fact, if you want to ask something about, say, Zeiss lenses, here (for instance) is the worst place to do so. First because people don't come looking here to find knowledge about Zeiss lenses, and people who do come looking for the thing advertised by the forum's title get annoyed by finding bits that are not the thing they were interested in.

So why not just post messages there where they are supposed to be posted? Works best, and is extremely easy to do, isn't it?
> Vague/poor wording on my part...for which I apologize.

> At the time I was thinking of the fact that this forum seems to be the > one where the most rapid responses occur to user questions. Some > forums were last posted to weeks or even months past. Hence when a > question comes up, this is the one which seems to have the greatest > chance of getting a timely answer. Another forum may be specific for > the issue, but if it was last posted to several days ago (or longer), > it is of less use to someone needing a rapid/immediate response.

Perhaps I simply lack patience.