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HELP with digiback 203FE operation


I'm having trouble with using my new 203 FE with the CFV.
I put on the back, turn it on, set the iso on the back and the camera. Then I set the camera to automatic and half press the shutter button, then press it all the way.

The picture that appears is very weird, dark, unsharp, bluish and black on one side of the screen.

Exactly how does the camera need to be set up, if it should work in automatic mode with the CFV? The camera is CFV converted. I'm using my 80mm CFE.

I'll go and try with my CWD body and check out if my CFV is messed up.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

You have to tell the back what camera you are using:

Menu ... scroll to settings .. scroll to camera ... select 200.

In while there also be sure you set <1/8th.

When you put it on the 503CD camera you need to do the same thing ... only select 500.