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help with A12 magazine


Hi guys, the A12 magazine I have (bought it second hand 1 year ago) seems to be acting strange. Basically the separation between frames is very small, and sometimes varies all over the roll, I compared my processed rolls with a friend's and his rolls have lot more space between frames.

also it seems to me that the first frame on my rolls ends up being too close to the start of the actual film... this causes some fogging and sometimes I even loose the first frame when processing on some "cheap" labs..

any suggestions?
Have the magazine serviced and mention spacing problems not only between frame 1 and 2 but also between the other frames.
Spacing between 1 and 2 has a different cause than spacing between later frames.

It could help to place the arrows on the film a bit further before putting the insert in the magazine holder.
Normally there is plenty of film to make the 12th exposure.
nice one! thanks a lot!

would you care to explain what makes the first two frames different than the rest of the roll?

just wondering , i like those little technical details...
Spacing between frame 1 and 2 is controlled bij the setting of the counter.
Spacing of the other frames depends on the film transport.
In most cases a good clean and lube will correct the rest of the spacing.

Gears do not need to be changed often unless you have a film back with "high mileage" of course.
Moving the arrows a bit past the mark on the insert may cure both fogging and spacing problems.