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Help needed with a PME51 finder


I have bought a view magnifier (42459) to fit onto my PME51 prism finder. The instructions tell me to unscrew the eyepiece clockwise, fit the magnifier, then replace the eyepiece. Unfortunately, I cannot get the eyepiece to move. I have even tried using large forceps with paper wrapped around the jaws - and only succeeded in marking the metal ring. I wondered if anyone out there had had any experience of this procedure and/or any advice. I should be grateful for any help with this.
Bojn, I have exactly same problem with my PME 51. PLease note to unscrew the eyepiece you need to turn it Anti - clockwise.
I ended up using vice grips and a piece of cloth to protect the eyepiece to unscrew mine. Remember not to tighten up the next one so tight.
Good Luck !!!
Apologies Bojan, I Spelt your name wrong in previous post and yes I did manage to open the eyepiece on mine using the vice grips !!
Bojan, that is the correct magnifier for the PME51 metered finder.

I hope this isn't a case of "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty". Are you sure it says turn it clockwise to remove?
Alex and Marc - many thanks for your words. Without them I might have done some serious damage, as I had read the instructions as telling me to unscrew the eyepiece clockwise and was quite sure I was doing this correctly, even if it did seem unusual. On reading your messages, I went back to it and saw, to my complete shame, that it actually said "counter" before "clockwise".

It was a case of RTFM (but properly). Ah well, senility must be advancing. But thank you both again.}