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Help needed using a Polaroid back on my Hasselblad


New Member
I have just picked up an immaculate PolaPlus Polaroid back for my Hasselblad 503CW. I have loaded in a pack of Fuji Fp100 and shot my first image. I have taken a shot and pulled the image from the back and separated the two parts but all that i am seeing after a few minutes is a brown mess. Any help please.
The back never came with any instructions so am i supposed to be waiting for any period of time before separating the two pieces of paper to expose the image?
Polaroid back

You have loaded the film and made an exposure in the correct way from what I read.

The only thing you did not do right is wait a couple of minutes to let the polaroid film develop after it was taken from the film back.
By removing the film the chemicals are activated and need some time to process the picture.
How much time depends on the air temperature where you take the picture.
Check the wrapping of the film if you still have it.
A couple of minutes at 20° should do it.

In an environment with too low temperature the film can held under your clothes for a while to let the chemicals do their job at a higher temperature.
An old trick that still works in this age of high tech.
There is an instruction on the cardboardbox for the polaroidfilm.
Attached are a cutout that I have on the back of my polaroidback.

And at 20°C the develpoing time is 120sec.


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