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Help My pictures are overlapping




My expossures are overlapping each other on the nagatives. Sometimes the space between the two different frames are fine, but sometimes there is no space at all between them and the last one is inside the one before it. I guess the problem is that the spacing is not precise.

Is it something that I do wrong? Is it something with the camera or something with the back? I haven't tried to use another back since I only have one...

How much will a repeairment cost me, if it's needed?

Hope you can help me. My camera is a 503cx


Your back needs adjustment. How much that costs I have no idea, depends highly on who performs it I imagine.

Mads, these backs do need regular servicing despite how robust they are. Like Wilko said, it needs adjustment. BUT when you send it to a competent Hasselblad technician, have him do a full service - will cost more but will prevent unwelcome surprises in the future. He should check and replace the light traps and check and lube the moving parts.

Some pros who work their gear hard have full services done every 6 or 12 months.

I also suggest that you send along your other backs at the same time and that way you know all are "up to date" giving you peace of mind.