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HELP im so confused i have just got back my first roll of BW neg


New Member
Now i am new to shooting film (so go easy) and my first roll of TRI-X 400 came back today.

I used a yellow filter and a 0.45 soft NDG.

The highlights are dark and the darks / shadow areas are bright / burnt out ??

Has there been a problem with the lab etc.

Please help this Blad Newbie !
Hi Andrew !

In my most humble opinion - if you ever wish to know if theres been a film (negative or positive) processing problem at the lab

Look into the "rebate area" of the film (which has the factory numbering / manufacturers name / film specification printed into it)... If its not there ... or is very faint on the film - this will indicate a lab processing problem ! (If however its present and of correct density ... and your images are very faint ... or your images are very dark - then its generally an indication to an exposure issue !)

A polaroid back is always good thing to use for critical exposures, (especially if shooting a commercial assignment)

Best Regards,