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Help Hasselblad lens wont mount


New Member
Hi all,

I have a used 500cm I have been playing with and 4 lenses. I accidentally fired the shutter whilst a lens was on but managed to get the lens off (easily) and got the blad firing again with no problems. 2 of my lenses mount easily to the body but the other 2 I am unable to mount. Previous to this problem they all mounted with out a problem. The lens' fit into the slot, the red marker is lined up but it won't turn into place. When I turn it, it just stops. Any ideas please? The camera is a 500cm.

Thank you

Jason, use a penny or any coin that will fit into the end of the shutter cock barrel at the rear of your lens and turn clockwise according to the circular red arrow until you cannot. Once you are done, it should be in zero degree position again. Compare the position of the shutter cock barrel with other lens that are working and you will see they are all the same. Now you can put these lens back into the camera.

You are a legend! So glad you read my post as you were the only reply. It worked a treat! The gear I have is all borrowed from a friend of mine and I am working out whether this system will suit. I am loving it!

Many Thanks,

there are many of us who read the post and Son's reply. As he gave you an excellent tip on how to fix your problem, why should we give you more suggestions before you tried the obvious one?
Anyhow, we're all happy that you like the Hasselblad system. You will soon see everything in square.

And all other formats up to 5,6x5,6 are covered as well . No need to revolve your camera .

is not just about rotating...

is about having more in the frame, being able to see more, your point of view is wider, you get both portrait and landscape crop at the same time... that was i realised that really wasn't expecting at all!

I just love the big open space when you look into the prism finder. Such a creative landscape with limitless possibility!