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Help Filter confusion


New Member
Hi all...

I've had my 500c/m for a few years and have three lenses with it- a 50mm distagon (chrome), an 80mm and a 150mm (chrome). I haven't really used the latter two very much as I'm into landscapes.

Anyway, I have decided to purchase some filters. Apart from the fact that Hasselblad lenses have a different mount to other cameras, I don't know anything about filters for my lenses. After doing some googling I have discovered Bay 50, 60 and 70 filters but I'm totally in the dark as to what thesenumbers mean. Would someone be able to explain the Hasselblad filter system to me please? :)
Don't Panic!

The numbers 50, 60 and 70 denote bayonet sizes, though they are not the actual dimensions of the mounts (rather the dimensions of the glass filter disc).

Bayonet 50 filters are used on C-lenses (the first series, with Synchro-Compur shutter).
But not on all C-lenses: only C-lenses from 80 upton and including 250 mm have bayonet 50 mount.
The shorter 60 and 50 mm lenses, as well as the 38 mm Biogon have "series 63" mount (a.k.a. series VIII), which is a drop-in mount (unthreaded filters, held in place by a threaded retaining ring).
Longer 350 and 500 mm lenses take 86 (threaded), later 93 mm filters (drop-in. The change also involved a different filter holder/lens shade for these lenses); the C-version of the 40 mm lens takes 104 mm filters; and the 30 mm fisheye takes 26 mm filters, internally.

When the CF lenses appeared, the filter mount was changed to bayonet 60.
The exceptions now were the fisheye (still the same filters), the 40 mm lens (93 mm filters), and the 350 and 500 mm lenses (86 mm, later 93 mm).

The shutterless F/FE/TCC lenses were made to accept bayonet 70 filters.
Of course, there again are exceptions: the 50 mm takes 86 mm, later 93 mm filters, the F 80 mm takes bayonet 50 filters, and the 350 mm takes 93 mm filters.

The CFi version of the 50 mm Distagon was given a bayonet 70 mount instead of the earlier bayonet 60 mount, but it was supplied with a 70 to 60 step down adapter.

Your chrome lenses are all C-version (only version available in that finish) , and take bayonet 50 filters and lens shades.
Your 80 mm lens may be a C-lens too. If it says Synchro-Compur anywhere on it, it is, and it too will take bayonet 50 filters.
Yes, the chrome 50 mm does not take bayonet 50 filters, but series 63 filters.
And to think i even mentioned that. Advanced dementia, i guess...
Thanks for that

It's the 50mm that I really want the filters to fit, but it sounds like series 8 or 63 is gonna be a bit more difficult to find...

Series 63/series VIII filters are not hard to find on eBay, or through other online outlets. Not too expensive either.
The retaining ring, should you not have one, is more difficult to get.
Just found out about the retaining ring...hasselblad don't like to make it easy do they?!

There's one on ebay...I'd better buy it now before someone else does LOL

The sunshade for the 50 mm C lens acts as retaining ring too (in fact, the retaining ring must come off to be able to screw on the shade).
If you do not have a shade, perhaps it would be better to get one of those?
Perhaps i should have mentioned that earlier too? Sorry!
If you go for the lens shade , just make shure you go for the correct one . There are two shades , which look almost the same .
Lens shade 38 (40282) and lens shade 50 (40274) . The second one is the one you need for your C 50 lens and it can also be used with the C 60 Distagon . You will find the name HASSELBLAD on the back of the shade and the number 50 engraved just below and in the middle of the name . No trouble to get one on E-BAY , but not cheap , if the shade is in mint condition .
Thanks for the info regarding the lens shade- my camera came with a lens shade, though not a hasselblad one (I think it's just a cheap generic one that happened to be on the camera!). I didn't find a lens shade 50 so I ended up buying the retaining ring + a green filter for my 50mm. They were a pretty reasonable price, considering they would be much more expensive if I had bought them brand new!

Thankyou for all the info, it has been much appreciated.
A quick scan through E-BAY worldwide gives me two hits for a shade 50 . One original one (E-BAY NUMBER 7557497664) and one generic shade (7558689590) . I am shure , if you visit some of the E-BAY shops you will find more . If not this week , then shurely in the next weeks . Very many people sell their HASSELBLAD gear because they go for digital equipment .