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Help, border problem


Can anyone tell me what this is, on the right side of my negatives? It's the black border a couple of times, but how did it get there?

Any help is much appreciated.



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Does this happen with just one and the same film back or do you experience that very same problem with different backs . ? ? ?

For me , it does not look like a light leak problem at the back , because that would most likely only happen on one side and look different .

Does it happen to all exposures of the same film roll ? ? ?
Do you develop the films yourself ? ? ?

Please explain a bit more in detail .

There are different rolls with the same problem. They are from the same film back. However, on one roll it's on the left side and on another on the right. I think this means it's the processing. I did not process the rolls myself.

It has appeared on all exposures on the roll. It does not, however appear on transparencies shot on the same back.
The left and right side if the magazines film frame are not sharp , but in my opinion they should be , if the film is loaded properly .
Or is the missing sharpness here just a scanner problem ? ? ?
I had the same thing with one of my backs. I took it to a local Hasselblad repairman who said that that is the edge of the casing in the back. Nothing to be done about it. You have all the image you can get with that back. Crop it out when you enlarge an image.

In the unlikely event this is caused by a film back the back should be rectified.

My guess is the problem is caused by processing of the film.
No, it occurs in every roll from this back. I was told that it was not worth machining the back to get that slim edge.

This kind of defect is unacceptable and must be corrected if it is caused by the film back.
It would surprise me if this has anything to do with the film back.
Can you explain to me exactly how this error occurs?

I just seems like there are "ghosts" of the border on the images. Almost like I have made triple exposures on every shot, with a slight offset. I do not understand how the back can make this effect?

Luckily, I bought this back from new not long ago, so I expect it is covered.
Note: When it occurs on the left side of the image, I can clearly see the two V's, characteristic of Hasselblad V images.