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Help 503Cxi light leaks Question


New Member

I work at a camera store in edmonton alberta canada and we take trade ins on cameras. About 5 months ago a Hasselblad 503cxi with prism finder, a-12 back and 80mm f2.8 C lens came in. I picked it up for $390.

Now I knew there was a light leak issue. From what i've been told by friends is that usually it isn't the bodies that have the light leaks that it's usually the backs.

The back that came with it was disgusting. There was hard white chemicals crusted all inside of the back scratching negatives. So I got a different back. Now I havn't had time to test out the new back on the camera.

But here are some photos from the first roll put through it. Tell me what you think it might be.

Aswell the film was only exposed on half the frames. I dont know what happened to the rest of it. So it's all leading me to believe it was the disgusting terrible back that was originally traded in with it.

Please ignore the quality of the photos and the poor composition. These were extremely low scans.

This one turned out without any problems

Where as this one it's absolutely horrible. The others weren't nearly as bad but still had light leak.
The second photo has the light leak on the left of the photo. The light source was on your left and shined in the camera [perhaps even during a time you were not using the camera]. The light crossed from the left to the right and spread across the focal plane, however remember that the image is inverted on the focal plane and that what appears to be the left side of the image is actually on the right side of the the focal plane while the film is in the camera.

Get the light trap replaced and the problem should go away. There is also a sting inside the film back that sometimes needs to be replaced. Replace the string if replacing the light trap does not completely resolve the problem.