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New Member

my name is Jens (alias Sixtomat) and I'm new to this forum. I'm into medium format for about 1.5 years and own a 500C, 500ELX and of course a Sixtomat lightmeter ;-) My preferences are people photography (indoor / outdoor) and family snapshots, both mostly on slide film.
I'm looking forward to meet you in the forum soon !

Welcome Jens at this forum.

Bodies are one thing what about the lenses you use and which do you prefer?
Whatever marketing people try to make us believe older lenses still give excellent images.
Ergonomics have been improved with later lenses but IQ of original Zeiss designs is hard to beat.

Hello Paul,

I totally agree, the lenses are a very important part of a camera. With both bodies I use the 'old' C-lenses, the 80mm as a general purpose lense, the 150mm for portrait and the 250mm once in a while also for portrait. The latter one is a bit too heavy to cary it around a lot, therefore I added a 2x tele extender. I'm very happy with all three of them.
My new CFV II just arrived and I'll try it out coming week-end. I wonder if the C-lenses will be as good with the CFV as they are with film.