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Hello from SpainFalling in love with Hassel


New Member
Hello ive been reading this forum for a couple of weeks and finally im writting.
4 months ago a rescued a 500c from my father that abbandoned for 20 years, the thing is that its in a very nice condition it looks as new.
For the last years ive been shooting with digital but when i looked through the viewer of this camera for the first time my mind blowed up. The colors and visual sensation is incomparable. Well im thinking of buying the cfv back in two or three months.
My thinking is that this system is quite for a range of photography as Arquitecture ,Landscapes or portraits like still things because not having autofocus and i think its not going to be very quick storing( does anyone know how much seconds does it take to store a full-quality image since you shoot?) But inside this range the quality is going to be one of the best.

One question i would like to make is that ive been trying to change the lens but im not able to do it. I press the silver botton down in the left side and try to turn and take out but icant manage it. Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Make sure the camera is wound/cocked.
There are several ways of checking:
- Look though the viewfinder: if thete is an image, the camera is cocked. If not, you either have the lens cap on, or the camera is not cocked.
- Look at the lens: if you see the shutter blades, the camera is not cocked.
- Look at the tiny window below and to the rear of the wind crank/knob: if the signal is red, the camera is not cocked.
- Try the wind crank/knob: if you can rotate it, the camera is not cocked. If so, do by turning the crank/knob 360 degrees.
Welcome Juan.

Just in case you need more information on the Hasselblad 500 camera I suggest you buy Ernst Wildi's Hasselblad Manual - he covers nearly everything there is to know.
Look at the fitth addition of Ernst Wildi's Hasselblad Manual. The latest addition [6th] is all about digital at the expense of all the other models.

QG said 'The 3rd is the best.'

Or the doesn't have the Xpan or H series.

Or the 501 CM for that matter, but the principles are the same for all the 500 non-motorised series.

I don't have a 3rd edition, and the 4th might lose some 500-series info with the 'intrusion' of the 205TCC, but it seems enough and it is interesting to read of the development of the 'auto' 200 series anyway.

Isn't there a revised fourth edition, as well, with the next generation of bodies?