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Hello Everyone!


I am new here. I have used Hasselblads for thirty years, I prefer the 70s vintage V-System. Have two ELM's, two 500CM's, and I like 70s vintage black T* lenses. Have the 40, 50, two 80's, 100, 120, 150, 250, and 350. And alot of the V-system accessories. I also enjoy Leica M's, Minolta SRT's, and my Sinar Norma system. I like to process my own B&W film, color neg I send to my prolab. Last year, I decided to start making a concerted effort to -use- my Hasselblads more. I did set them aside for a while, after I decided I no longer wanted to photograph weddings. Now I'm glad I still have everything.

I'm still looking around here. Looks really interesting -Dan
Hello Daniel,

It seems you have everything you need to become a member of this small community of Hasselblad users.
Many of us are using the kind of equipment you have and are quite happy with it.
Amazing how strong the reputation is of cameras that were produced 30-40 years ago.

Well Thank You, Paul.
I feel right at home here.
As far as I am concerned, my Hasselblads, Leicas, and Sinars are all in the same category. The very finest that can be had, from any time period.
Will continue to post here.