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Hello ALLNew member


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Hello, I am in my mid fifty's. I've been a camera/lab tech for thirty odd years,
I had a fall about ten year ago. The company doc said i was fine. about 4 years ago I started to have pain in my loyer back. My doc gave me pills to help. I slowly started to get worse, My hands started to shake and walking was painful. At the days end i could just get in my car and go home.
My mother was suffering from cancer, I moved in with my parents to help my dad care for my mom. My moms illness was the primary concern of our family. She passed away about 2 years.
I also broke down with spinal disks damage.the company i worked for went under so i waa only able to get minamal help.
The killer is i love using my Hasselblad. The camera is simple amazing. I do printing for my father who also shoots images for our church. His images are mostly digital. Some are negs which i scan with a epson flat bed. Most are scaned at 3,200 dpi.
take care,
Welcome George:

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Your vast abilities don't prevent you from enjoying photography, printing, scanning, and releasing a shutter once in awhile, so enjoy it like there is no tomorrow.

Good Light:

Greetings George,

Right now I'm in Jersey, and will be for the next few years. However I'm from Cali just like yourself.

I'm still but a wee child in my 30's but I can visualize your frustration. I'd like to keep making images until I'm horizontal though.

Keep doin' it.
Welcome George
I'm in my mid 50's too and my mom died 2 years ago too.
So hard to get used to the idea that she is not around anymore.
But mourning is over now and the sadness has gone away (almost)

I just finished building my studio and about to move in.
My first real studio space in 10 years.

I'm a true believer of the superiority of larger sensors (or film) over minute ones.
I'm planning on buying a dback for my V system, but not obsessed about it.
If Hasselblad doesn't come with a larger sensor CFV, my second choice is getting a used P25 back. My third alternative is switching all the way to the Mamiya 645 system. Third choice switching to the Hy6/Afi system (if my clients start paying triple for my fees).

I like film a lot, but the immediacy and the almost infinite possibilities of enhancing and fine tuning a digital file makes it harder and harder to shoot with it.

I enjoy so much my 5D that I daydream over and over on combining my "V" with a "D"

Eduardo wrote: combining my "V" with a "D"...

Would that be a VD system? I could understand that being infectious.


PS G'day there, George
Once you catch it, it will be there forever. No cure for photosis tremens.
Be careful Nick, it's pandemic.


Would that be a VD system? I could understand that being infectious.
PS G'day there, George