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HC35mm Lens Worth and Fuji or Hasselblad


New Member
i got offer of a hc35 -used- condition A-
i hold lens in my hand
(can test it for sev. days)
before i decide buying it.

amazing :
back cap is "hasselblad"
front cap is : Fujifilm Professional labeled
Serial is fuji Serial NOT Hasselblad number
(i asked Hasselblad Germany about the serial)

in front of lens i can read:
Hasselblad 95 Super EBC Fujinon 3,5 /35
on lens side (near the distance "meter" i read:
Super-EBC Fujinon HC 35mm

( no word about "hasselblad" ) ...

anyone who can help me ?
what`s about this lens ?
( i fits on my H1 and works properly ...

( i know H1 lenses come from fuji .. but on my new 80mm standard lens nowehere i read Fuji but i can read hasselblad ...

what is i worth ( condition A- i think )
> Maybe it was made for sale originally in Japan? I believe Fuji has the > right (via agreement with Hasselblad) to mark the H1 and the XPan > differently (with their name on it) in Japan.

X-system and H-system lenses are all made by Fuji.
They are largely designed by Fuji too, though Hasselblad's optical design department was involved as well.

In Japan (and only there), the H1 and XPan cameras are sold as Fujifilm cameras. The lenses as Fujinon lenses.
It's like "Vauxhall" cars being called that only in the UK. You know them as German "Opel". Which of course is General Motors. ;-)

This particular lens must have found its way to Germany in the lugage of someone who bought it in Japan.
As a matter of curiosity: what is the price of the Fuji branded bits as compared to the ones carrying the Hasselblad logo?
i looked in google. only japanese hits. on fuji page itself i found suggested price of 290.000 Yen, means approx 2143€ (2744$) (with 5%VAT included) real price ?? 5-10% lower (i saw only digits in my hits between Yapanese "Hyroglypes") New in Germany (quick search while writing this 3140.-€ , with 16% VAT [German] included. So real difference (for germany sight) (diff. in VAT) is not 997.- it`s 772.- , in fact about 25% cheaper ...
Exactly the same cameras...but be a bit careful if buying a Fuji badged model as the Hasselblad dealership in Australia apparently not only won't honour the warranty (understandable), but won't work on the Fuji version of the XPan (TXI and II), even for a fee. Hasselblad don't let them.

My guess is that it is the same for the H1 equivalent. The Fuji distributor isn't interested either...

Worth checking this for other countries too (not important if you buy 2nd hand and have an independent repairer who can work on the cameras!).
Yes .. in Germany too. So as attracive pricing (-25%)it seem`s to be ... two problems : first : no warrenty ( sending to Yapan...puh...) second: after warranty problems for inspection/repairing in own Country...

For the A- Lens, used, i could but it for 2180.-€ (16%VAT included) ..seems to be excellent pricing, but if i know now that new item is similar in pricing and problems in case of warranty / service ... hmmm ... thanks a lot for answers .. i`ll know what to do.